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Why Diatom Nutrients

So you want to know more about Diatom Nutrients; well you aren’t the only one.  We here at Diatom Nutrients are often first asked, why “Diatom,” why name your company “Diatom Nutrients?”  Well why not name a Nutrition | Organic Pharmaceutical | Health Supplement company, searching nature for the unknown organic answers to health problems, after the “single most important thing you never heard of” - Will Smith in “One Strange Rock;” that is what we would typically ask in response to such a question.  Well I guess that begs the question of what a Diatom actually is.  

What’s Diatom’s Secret Importance To Life

“Four times thinner than a human hair, Diatoms are the secret to the world’s oxygen supply” - Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.  Will Smith once said in the Netflix documentary series, One Strange Rock, “Take a breathe; now, take another. Now think about this, one of those breathes was entirely provided by those little [Diatoms] under the sea.” A Diatom is a “single-celled alga which has a cell wall of silica” and are the single most important thing in producing the entire earth’s supply of oxygen (dictionary.com).  Everywhere there is water, there are Diatoms; and yet, you probably never even heard of them.

Diatom Nutrients’ Mission Statement

So we here at Diatom Nutrients are on the look out for the most important things, for a better life, that no one ever hears about; just like how a “Diatom is the single most important living thing for all life, that you probably never heard of.”  Diatom Nutrients will source solutions to health problems and develop daily nutrients that will prolong a better quality of life for everyone; all from the unknown elements of nature. Starting with natural supplements that can be used as helper, assisting, drugs for current “Big Pharma” medications; relieving, and defending, patients from the side effects of the medications they currently have to take.  To later developing new answers towards other life problems; such as degenerative diseases, better psychological function, mood enhancers, prolonged life, and promoting best all around quality of life.  All of our products to come will be backed by the need to discover the best holistic healing, tested by science, and designed by organic nature.

Who Is Behind Diatom Nutrients

Diatom Nutrients is a, United States based, company; started by a group of friends, who wanted organic health solution for themselves and loved ones.  Tired of the rat race for profit, that often suppresses the Cure, in favor of prolonged Treatments.  Looked to produce organically sourced supplements, as nature's answer to aging and disease.  Diatom Nutrients is a group of scientists who respect each expert’s individual field, setting their egos to the side, in order to cross reference each other’s expertise; to best find a balanced solution towards each problem they take on in the lab.  A Nutritionist, Bio-Chemist, and Doctor found a Botanist to start what they would later call “Diatom Nutrients.”  Our team is backed by years of study and will continue to always research, as if they do not have all the answers yet; since it’s this mindset that will keep their egos in check, allowing for the production of the most effective Diatom Nutrients’ products. 

Where Diatom Nutrients Is Headed

The team will soon be adding a neurobiologist, to cross reference and check with, to continue to develop more and better products to bring to market. Currently Diatom Nutrients is in the field of cancer studies, chemotherapy, and cancer prevention. But Diatom Nutrients will soon be moving into Nootropics. Diatom Nutrients believes a better mind will support a better body. Although, before development of a marketable nootropic can be produced, further research will have to continue until Diatom Nutrients can grow into more than just an anti-cancer and chemotherapy side effects relieving company.