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We here at Diatom Nutrients really care about our customers, not just the bottom line. So we created this hidden feed back page, just for you. This is where you get the chance to tell us about your experience. That way we can better tailor our products to you and our other loyal customers. With a broader perspective on how our products effect our customers, we can hopefully get more efficient at reducing the suffering patient's go through during Chemotherapy. Your feed back is valuable, not just to us, to everyone who is suffering from Chemotherapy Treatment and looking here to supplement that suffering away.

You can remain anonymous, if you so choose. Fill in First Name as "From" and Last Name as "Anonymous". Though we think you are special, and Diatom Nutrients would prefer to start a caring relationship with you.
Which Chemotherapy Treatment are you currently undergoing? If you are taking "Fermented Wheat Germ Extract" for another reason, please tell us here what that reason is.
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*Note: In Clinical Trials people often report improvements in appetite, energy, and daily activity within 3 weeks of beginning to take Diatom Nutrients “Fermented Wheat Germ Extract” daily. Objective measures of improvement typically occur within 3 months. For long-term results, one should use Diatom Rx for at least 6 months. Here is where you can let us know how many dosages it took for you to feel the benefits of Fermented Wheat Germ Extract. Did you only need to take one pill, once a day? Did you need to take two pills, twice a day? Let us know how many dosages worked for you, and after how long. As well as anything else you experienced while taking our Fermented Wheat Germ Extract.