No side effects of [fermented wheat germ extract] were observed. Supplementation of standard therapies with a continuous administration of [fermented wheat germ extract] is beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis patients.

- ResearchGate

Some highlighted properties of [Fermented Wheat Germ Extract] that have been identified in this research is that it: 1) promotes apoptosis of cancer cells whilst leaving normal cells unharmed, 2) starves the sugar supply required by cancer cells to survive, 3) unmasks cancer cells so they can be more readily targeted by the immune system and 4) it prevents abnormal cells from repairing themselves.

- PubMed.Gov

As doctors learn more about fighting cancer they are finding that a combination of treatments is sometimes more effective than one single approach... Clinical studies prove and demonstrate that as an additional cure to chemotherapy or surgery [Fermented Wheat Germ Extract like Diatom Rx] is very effective against cancer. It stimulates the immune system and destroys cancer cells by obstructing their nutrition.


People take fermented wheat germ extract by mouth for colon and rectal cancer, arthritis, skin cancer, an autoimmune disorder called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and to reduce chemotherapy side-effects.

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